Garment District Tours

Offering both "In person" and/or virtual format.

I will present an unusual perspective, having spent the greater portion of my life working in the GARMENT industry.

On my tours you will learn how the apparel industry developed in NYC through the years, and how it came to be located in its current District.

Watch the development of the industry from sweatshops in the old tenement buildings on the LES, to giant factories in China and Bangladesh.

See how immigrants were the backbone of the industry and in NYC, still are.

Five minute flow chart "From Fibers To Garment"

Learn about Calvin, Ralph and Oscar, as well as Labor Unions and Gangsters.

A Factory Visit When Available. See "The Garment Worker'' by Judith Weller, The Fashion Walk of Fame. The Giant Button and Needle artwork on Seventh Ave.

And much more.

Visit the Lower East Side, NYC

Through the eyes of a former resident, 1940's through the '50's. Offered virtually and/or in person.

Here is a chance to go back to the LES with me and play some stoop ball, eat a virtual roasted sweet potato from a rolling street oven and join me as I slide down a mountain of snow piled up on the corner of Grand and Clinton Street, after the blizzard of 1947.

We join Billy Crystal at Katz's for some "I'll have what she's having", and take a trip uptown, to Stuyvesant town, to deliver a fur coat from my father's fur shop, in time for the cold winter weather.

Remember those fire hydrants spraying water for the kids on the block during a heat wave, grab your bathing suits for that bit of action on the LES.

We will also take a peek at the current status as well as what’s in store for the future of this iconic neighborhood. Please bring your Spaldeen and a hearty appetite.

Flatiron District NYC, From Then to Now.

Offered in both virtual and/or feet on the ground format.

Join me for a walk through the history, of the Madison Square - Flatiron District of NYC.

The development of Madison Sq. Garden, and the nefarious murder of Stanford White.

The evolution of the area from the outskirts of Manhattan to the splendor of the Gilded age to todays' mixed usage in the District.

See the new museums and reconfiguration to a more residential neighborhood.

Statues - Shake Shack - Madison Ave. - The Met Life Clock Tower - and of course, The Flatiron Building. And Much More!

All my tours are available in 2 formats: As a walking tour and as a virtual tour.

Please contact me for more information.

Call 917-952-4610 or email