FREE walking tours of the Garment District and Flatiron District for the months of May & June 2024.



Thursday, May 23rd @ 10:30am

Tuesday, June 4th @ 10:30am

Thursday, June 20th @ 10:30am

Meets at Garment Worker Statue, NE corner on West 39th Street & 7th (Fashion) Avenue.   

Rain or shine, we go!

To reserve a space, please send an RSVP to

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None for May/June 2024


Sunday: June 23rd, 2024 @ 11am.

Meets at the point of the Flatiron building: Broadway and 23rd Street. Just show up at 10:55am.

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Lower East Side virtual and walking tours are also available for a fee.

Email for more information:

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Join through there is a small fee for these tours and they are available for one week after the original date.

Whether you join the virtual or the walking tours, they all come with a substantial dose of Mike’s personal stories and humor. All the FREE tours come with your money back if not satisfied.

Welcome to Mike's Tours

New York, New York. There's so much to love and so much to learn!

Here is your chance to share the enthusiasm that Mike has for this great city. Born and raised right here, Mike has grown up both in and with New York City.

An avid reader of NYC history publications and a lifelong local, Mike is chock full of wonderful anecdotes and stories learned both from the city's storied past and from his own intrepid curiosity.

Since 1997, Mike has introduced the details and wonders of New York City to people from almost every continent, across many regions and countries: Australia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, South America and yes, New York! He has lectured at Cooper Union in New York, and at the Science and Industry branch of the NYC Public Library. And he has been a regular contributor to the Fashion Mannuscript, a garment center apparel industry publication.

You may also have seen him on a feature for Fashion Television giving his in-depth tour of the garment center. (This same tour is available to the public!)

Daytime (M-F) phone number: (917) 952-4610

OR you can contact Mike by emailing him at

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